Lose Belly Fat

WelossAPP on February 6, 2014 · 30 comments

Naturally Flush Excess Body Fat [uvc-youtube id=”yqfBmJbnkjA” width=”640″ height=”360″ autoplay=”1″ controls=”1″]

How to get rid of belly fat and prevent bloating! Hope you guys enjoy & find this helpful! Remember, don’t be too hard on yourself Lose Belly Fat

30 Responses to “Lose Belly Fat”

  1. Lexi Darcel says:

    I am so happy I found your channel! You exude positivity and this video was
    very helpful, thanks!

  2. mirella derungs says:

    Hi Annie :) yes I’m gonna be posting this comment on different Videos
    because I really want her to see it please help me .. YOU really inspired
    me to lose weight and I just uploaded my how to lose weight Video :) I
    mentioned you in my Video and lets hope youll check it out :) THANKS FOR

  3. Ian Mendoza says:

    to loose belly fat don’t do cardio!!!! lift weights!!!!!

  4. sami yousef says:

    Very helpful, thanks!

  5. MakeUpMooh says:

    That thing about sitting properly with a good posture or you fat will
    settle. I think that already happened to me. Im pretty skibny, but I bloat
    and my fat sits right on the middle maybe because my fat settled. How do I
    get rid of that? 

  6. Abir Ame says:

    i love you Annie :)

  7. Mabel Vall says:

    just saw your video!! inspiring!! I will start working out now thanks to
    all your positive.

  8. D. S. Dev says:

    It would be a shame if you did not lose weight when other people do it
    easily with Fat Blast Furnace (go google it).

  9. jones9150 says:

    What if I sleep on my stomach

  10. soman thapa says:

    Do you make these costly mistakes in your workouts? Just Go And Google
    Morsch Muscle Madness to find out.

  11. Lobitangv says:

    I love your videos. Thanks for the advice 

  12. Niusha Nakhjiri says:

    i love that episode of friends! i just love friends!

  13. Afia Uddin says:

    GREAT ADVICE! And omg I LOVE and pretty much obsessed with Friends! Watch
    it almost everyday >_< I feel like I memorized all the episode lol

  14. Kaili Michelle says:

    Who else sat up when she said to keep a good posture..

  15. Nicole T says:

    This video was so helpful! 

  16. Jenina M. says:

    thank you for the great advice! you are such an inspiration :)

  17. Aeris says:

    damn youre so fine

  18. Liliana Semedo says:

    Obrigada linda. Thank you gourges its was really helpfull.

  19. Kiki Becenti says:


  20. ch33s3p00p says:

    Your videos are always so informative and inspirational! Thank you Annie!

  21. Haylie Flatten says:

    Could you do another video on at home workouts other than DVD ones? I’d
    love to see if you do anything for cardio at home!! :)

  22. neeraj satyal says:

    If you want to build muscle, you should do a google search Morsch Muscle
    Madness. They can help you get the body you deserve.

  23. klaudussiiia says:

    you are amazing:) thank you for that film!

  24. Erin Cole says:

    You don’t need to do “lots and lots of cardio” to burn fat. Weight lifting
    also burns fat and burns more calories at rest. I just want to make sure
    you realize what you are telling young women especially if it is false.

  25. lisbar89 says:

    I like so much your videos! I am so glad. Thank you

  26. TheFYoung says:

    Great tips! You are beautiful. Just subscribed.

  27. unique55ify says:

    Absolutely love this video because she answered a lot of my questions
    specifically about bloating.

  28. Alana Ashby says:

    Another great video and advice, your make up looks stunning! Please do a
    tutorial xxx UK LOVE xxx

  29. Rosemary Marangoni says:

    you are amazing

  30. rebeccaAnneBrockman5 says:

    This was so well thought out and explained beautifuly!! I went and worked
    out just from watching this!!!(: thanks you so much!!

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