Weight Loss Smoothies

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6 Responses to “Weight Loss Smoothies”

  1. prem khatri says:

    Have you seen Exyph Fat Loss? (Google it) It is a quick way to burn off fat

  2. Janice Darlyne says:

    I’m actually pretty dorky-but thanks! lol

  3. Noha Mahmoud says:

    U r super cool!!!!!!! Thanks for the videos…

  4. unique180 says:

    Hello, how is the magic bullet? Is it good to make a green smoothie or do u
    find it good with spinach. Thanks

  5. Janice Darlyne says:

    Most people agree that yogurt is healthy and I really like it. I tend not
    to eat it very often the last year or so because I noticed that it
    aggravates my skin. I think you can make it work for smoothies for sure. I
    am going to try to incorporate it into my diet again and see how my skin

  6. Janice Darlyne says:

    I really like the magic bullet. It totally works for fruit smoothies,
    spinach smoothies, whatever. You can make dips and stuff in it, too. It
    comes with a booklet of all kinds of ideas and recipes.

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