Remove toxins from your body to lose weight

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Joy Behar’s guest host Suzanne Somers talks with Dr. Andrew Weil about removing toxins from the body to lose weight.

30 Responses to “Remove toxins from your body to lose weight”

  1. ashresearcher says:

    There’s a huge MISCONCEPTION that just because herbs are natural, they are
    healthier than artificial, but scientifically supported, methods. That is
    not necessarily the case. For example, the natural herb Hemlock is so
    toxic, the Greeks used it as their official execution method. Many herbs
    have toxins to protect themselves from being eaten. For the ignorant:
    fruits don’t have toxins because these plants require animals to eat their
    fruit and spread their seeds across the landscape.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY: The herb that the naturopath suggested (where there is
    also A LOT of money, so he may be advertising for naturopaths) is a
    diuretic (like coffee). All diuretics work by causing your kidneys to
    filter out more blood plasma, leading to increased water content in your
    urine. ALL diuretics, which by definition increase water content, will make
    your urine DILUTE. Thus, this fake (I must say) method of “checking if its
    detoxifying” is pointless and a scam on the ignorant.

    Oh, and by the way, do you know why caffeine is a diuretic? It’s because,
    to us, it is a very weak toxin that tries to dehydrate the plant’s
    predators. It has such little dehydrating effect on us though that we take
    advantage of its other effects, such as awareness and energy. This is
    biology, people.

    I research in type 2 diabetes, so I’m very familiar with endocrinology and
    runny urine (the latin definition of diabetes). Unfortunately, despite how
    nice these stories are, naturopaths that oppose scientific evidence are
    scamming ignorant people. It’s a disgrace.

  2. K STARDAZ says:

    Does she ever look good for someone her age, I know money can by anything
    but her face can move so it can’t all be plastic.

  3. Isamoe says:

    Sombody!! what herb he refers to??? that clean the liver??? I need to

  4. asamayub says:

    i bet if she wiped off all that make up she’d look slightly ass.

    just sayin..
    you ever seen Oprah without her makeup? why fuk my life!

  5. Melt away your fat says:

    Remove toxins from your body to lose weight and feel healthier.
    Watch this video!

  6. Allison Shea says:

    “Our paths have crossed so much in the future”…What??

  7. Srijana Dahal says:

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  8. parthi king says:

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  9. DJKnowit says:

    I love the irony.

  10. b.k k says:

    hes not fat you fuckin moron

  11. Vanessa Estorque says:

    Weil: Sweat more Somers: like sex? Weil: Increase breathing like exercise
    Somers: Like yoga? Really? Anything that remotely sounds “sexy” to her is
    good. Writing a book about good healthy and this woman is covered with

  12. Della Purdin says:

    I strongly recommend that you do more research on Dr. Weil. He is a
    brilliant practitioner.

  13. Ben Geyer says:

    He is fat why would your listen to him

  14. Bass Player says:

    She looks good for 67, even if she has had everything done. her hands look
    good for that age also.

  15. IWonderIff says:

    this guy rules. dr andrew weil for president

  16. jin555 says:

    Do people really listen to this guy? He does not look healthy, plus I heard
    his reputation is of a sell out.

  17. Crystal Myrick says:

    soooooooooooooooooooo true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hope Hughes says:

    Dr. Weil has great advice for living healthy! 

  19. MassacreBlast says:

    So some fat guy is telling me about removing toxins? I know it’s a logical
    fallacy to assume he knows nothing because of his appearance, but in the
    case of being fit and healthy you’d think somebody would apply the same
    principals they teach to themselves.

  20. touhidur12 says:

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  21. JinB Lee says:

    This is a very interesting video with Andrew Weil and Suzanne Sommers
    talking about detoxing for health Remove toxins from your body to lose
    weight and feel healthier.

  22. Silver Dust says:

    Most toxins are via vaccines…. dont get any kind of vaccine. Ever…. Do
    your research.

  23. ahmed awad says:

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  24. Mystery207 says:

    Don’t worship Idols! That’s why I worship the one True God Satan because he
    does not have a multitude of different sects. And he made me write that!

  25. creeperinatoycar says:

    Look you see all these Google this weight loss program but truly its a SCAM
    to get you’re email/credit card numbers don’t do it.

  26. creeperinatoycar says:

    Look you see all these Google this weight loss program but truly its a SCAM
    to get you’re email/credit card numbers don’t do it.

  27. EngineeringFun says:

    How come he cannot loose weight himself? It must be those organic hot dogs
    and beer. He should just breathe 5% more.

  28. MAKAB36 says:

    Wow I didn’t know Suzanne Somers is a Physic, She just claimed there paths
    have crossed so much in the future :) , Calm down I know it was just a slip
    of the tongue all you kill joys out there, It’s just a joke.

  29. sujan shrestha says:

    It would be a shame if you did not kill your stomach fat when other average
    people are able to so easily using Amos Fat Loss (search for it on google).

  30. SweetDiversions says:

    lukem118 – most medical professionals I’ve worked with are clueless, and
    I’ve unfortunately had to work with more than most people do – they are
    just guessing and/or just stating what they’ve read in a book or are told
    what to do by big pharma. And, they are usually wrong or partly wrong. That
    is one reason there are so many law suits – incompetence in the medical
    community in the U.S. is overwhelming.

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